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Application programming interface.Surface


Following commands apply both to newly created surfaces (with use of API) and surfaces created within Esquimo editor. Both are the same structure and can be accessed by surfaceId which is an positive integer value. IDs of surfaces created within editor are listed as a group of constants an published from editor as a class file. This way you can access them using friendly names with usage of autocomplete facility in code editors such as FlashDevelop. You just need to import the class in you project. In samples of use presented below this is Esq_scene_el.as class file.

Surface management

Surface settings

All the methods listed below return a result of the call as a Boolean value. The returned value is mostly used for seeking errors in case the method seems not working. The most probably reason of false returned is incorrect surfaceId passed as a parameter.

You can see how following parameters affect surface look in the chapter devoted handling surfaces in Esquimo editor.

Notice that some of parameters may vary with range in API and GUI.
Cartoon shader