(release 1.4)
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Animation.Navigation, scene player

When working with the animation you will use mostly the Timeline view (ALT+4). At the top, there is a panel to control the playback of the scene.

Of course, they are just the keyboard shortcuts suggested by us, which you can always change – SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+K. The player lets you to play the scene backwards and forwards in the normal and slower motion. This gives additional possibilities in the analysis and modification of sensitive moments in the animation. The playback speed in the slower motion is adjusted by the parameter called “Slow motion” (near the buttons of the player). In fact, it does not determine the speed, but the times of the exemption in relation to the normal playback speed. Additionally, for the needs of the animation, you can loop its part. Activate the checkbox Loop and enter the number of the initial and final frame, which is to be repeated.

You can navigate the timeline in a few different ways: