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Objects.Geometry objects.Events

Any geometrical object placed in the scene can respond to events invoked by the mouse, specifically, by clicking on the object and moving mouse cursor over the object. To define the behavior of the object in response to an event invoked, expand Events container and select one of the available options. Mouse click and Mouse over events are independent of each other, so an object can simultaneously support both.

Since collision detection alghoritm is based on GPU (from version 1.3)  the performance issues are not significant anymore. Also the accurancy is very high, average 1-3px depending of antialiasing mode.

Mouse click

Let’s see how the object can react in response to clicking on it. Click on the combo box Mouse click:

Mouse over

Mouse over event is invoked whenever the mouse cursor enters the area of the object for which the detection of this event is enabled. In response, the object can perform one reaction from several reactions available to choose:

Mouse over event changes the properties of an object only for the duration of stay of mouse cursor over the object. When the cursor leaves the object, the object returns to its original properties with the dynamics defined in Tween Section. In the example below, you can test the action of Mouse over events.