If you rely on a website for making money, then you want not only as much traffic as you can get, but also a good conversion rate that turns those visitors into actual paying customers. The process of optimizing your site for maximum visibility (hence profitability) is called search engine optimization. There can be quite a few elements involved in this work, and some of them can get a little complicated. If you’re just looking for a boost though, then keep reading to learn 5 simple SEO hacks you can use to get your feet wet in this larger world of backlinks, content, and ranking positions in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

1) If you’re hoping that search engine optimization is going to help draw organic traffic to your site, then make sure that things are coded properly when you design it, and especially any time that you tweak or revise pages. If your coding is sloppy or even confusing, then spiders, bots, and crawlers are going to have a tough time searching your site. If your site is loaded full of Flash content but doesn’t have corresponding descriptive text the bots can read, you’re not going to get indexed or categorized.

2) Attempt to market your website as if you’re an authority or expert in certain areas. If you’re able to present expert and authoritative content, you have powerful Internet marketing potential and profit possibilities. Search engines don’t just want to provide their user’s sites that are related to search queries entered, but useful and informative sites that answer questions, provide possibilities and solve problems. When you are such a site, you get rewarded with more organic traffic. This works out even better if your niche or topic of emphasis involves something where consumers are looking for or just could spend money on products and services. Know what customers are looking for, and provide it. Hire an expert at www.greenstairseo.com if you would like this done for you.

3) If you can, get an educational website or even a nonprofit organization to link to some of your site’s content. These are very trusted websites, and search engine spiders are going to give your website extra credit for having such backlinks pointed to it. High-caliber content on your site should attract very reliable backlinks from reputable sources looking to feature your content. Make sure that the content you publish is informative, correct, useful, and high in its quality.

4) Optimize single pages for single keywords or phrases. If you try to handle too many various keywords on one page, the inevitable result is sheer confusion, perhaps even page chaos. Focus on one single thing and emphasize it across your content. This also proves true for selling something. Put one item or service per page.

5) Make sure you have mobile versions of your pages and do this for all of them. Mobile Internet use is starting to outpace desktop or laptop screen time, and more than half of new Internet users are coming online from mobile devices. Some search engines are even starting to only index mobile content.

Now that you have read this article, you know 5 simple yet strong SEO hacks you can use to make your site do better than ever. You might feel like some of these are actually quite obvious, but it never hurts to double check that your site is actually doing them right now. Even if your initial site construction took some of these points to heart, things can stray over time as you make changes and add content. It’s worth going back over your site with fresh eyes and taking things back to basics to keep things simple and smooth.


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