Esquimo - flash 3d editor

  • Do you need a leightweight 3D animation for your website ?
  • You are not very familiar with actionscript ?
  • Do you need interaction with 3D scenes ?
  • maybe you should check easy to use flash 3d editor
  • - easy to use flash 3d editor equiped
       with graphics user interface
  • - super light output files ( from 50kB)
  • - SWFs are real-time calculated
  • - very easy to learn
  • - interactivity - simple events model
  • - powerful API
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Molehill examples

Molehill examplesWe have been preparing another release of Esquimo simultaneously develop its Molehill version. There is no public release yet, but you can check some of the examples.

For those who haven't heard yet - Molehill is new technology that Adobe implements in new Flash Player version (numbered from 11) which is cabale of using power of GPU for rendering 3D scenes. That's in short. You can read more on Adobe Labs website.

We are in a test phase with new FP11 and want to establish what we can afford with new 3d API and adjust parameters limits, add some more advanced objects maybe. Though until Flash player 11 will be released we will more focus on expanding general functionality of Esquimo. We currently work over new extended events system. 

Ok, visit our "Molehill zone" to check our first tests of integrating Esquimo with new Flash Player Incubator.